“Aren really takes time to fully understand the business and by combining this deeper knowledge he creates and manages a more comprehensive and sophisticated marketing strategy. This superior direction has helped move that part of our business forward with some great results.

Toby Parkins, Managing Director, UKNetWeb Limited

“Aren did a great job introducing myself and my team to various social media technologies and how best to use them. He put the concepts across in a simple and easy to understand way which was much appreciated by all.”

Adam Chambers, Chief Executive, Peninsula Enterprise

“What Aren doesn’t know or can’t do with social media isn’t worth knowing or doing. He’s a guru in this field and is so effective at social networking there are few places he can’t be found communicating and generating interesting relationships and links. Aren is also a competent speaker and presenter about his expertise and knowledge, offering insightful, deliveries which capture imagination and hold the interest of his audiences.”

Nicky Luke, Graduate Recruitment & Portal Manager, Unlocking Cornish Potential

“Aren’s skills in online media strategy means any business he works with, or for, is at the forefront of social media development and he would be an asset to any business. I have taken part in a course run by Aren and also had the pleasure of working with him on other social media initiatives and his passion for his area of expertise is really refreshing. I highly recommend Aren and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Shelley Fletcher, PR Consultant, Firegrass Communications

“It isn’t for nothing that Aren was voted Cornwall’s Innovator of the Year. He’s full of great ideas, and is always the first with that gem of information, insight or news that just might make all the difference. What Aren doesn’t know about social media probably isn’t worth knowing… but, more valuable than that, he’s all about how you *apply* those new trends and technologies, making a real business difference. He knows which fashions are worth following and – more importantly – can spot a waste of time and money at 100 yards. A great guy, too – approachable, and always open with his insights and expertise. As you might have guessed, I’m a fan.”

David McGuire, Marketing Strategist, The John Knowles Company

“Aren is extremely knowledgeable and keeps on top of the world of social media. He is a great “one stop shop” for getting to grips with the social media world”

Suzanne Skerry, Marketing Manager, Coodes

“Aren is our Social Media partner of choice, we have worked with Aren for over 3 years and have always been impressed with his knowledge of Social Media. Aren’s work is key to the success of many online businesses and an essential part of just about any business’s online strategy”

Rob Edlin, Managing Director, Niddocks Internet Marketing