Social Media Training & Coaching

Social Media is about people sharing information, opinions and ideas, so you and the people who work for you and with you need to understand how and why to use the platforms and applications which make up the social media world.

Its very openness makes SMM a prime example of the old adage that everyone who works in a company is involved in marketing that company. People who are tweeting, posting or writing content about a business or organisation need to understand what they are planning to achieve with that activity and what aspects and attributes of the business they are hoping to share.

Training in the ‘how’ of Social Media always necessitates talking about the ‘why’.

Services available:

  • Single Firm Training Courses
  • Group Training (Multi-Firm)
  • One to One Coaching

Training Topics

  • Facebook (for businesses and organisations)
  • Twitter (for businesses and organisations)
  • LinkedIn (for businesses and organisations)
  • Social Media Core Skills
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Content Creation