Consultancy & Strategy

A business or organisation can often benefit from fresh thinking and a new perspective; however those insights must be informed by the knowledge and experience that resides within the company.

Before the right answers can be given, the right questions have to be asked. In fact, the word ‘consultant’ comes from the Latin word, ‘consultare’ meaning ‘to discuss’.

For a process of business consultation to be truly effective, both parties have to be clear about what outcomes are expected and that the knowledge and tools to achieve those aims are available to the client company.

Consultation and strategic thinking or planning often go hand in hand. A marketing strategy acts as a road map to the activity that a company should embark upon to reach a set goal but once again, training and support may well have to be given to make that journey achievable.

Services available:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Consultancy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy