How do I gain more business on Facebook?

There is one, tried and tested, guaranteed way to get more business on Facebook. However, time and time again businesses ignore this method for more complicated, ineffective practices. The truth is, the secret of Social Media success comes down to one simple tip. read more →

Rise of the Idiots

Waking this morning, turning as I normally do to check the latest emails, social media updates and notifications on my mobile, I had the painful realisation that I had slipped into the world of Nathan Barley – and I am now living in a world where the ‘idiots’ rule. read more →

Video: How a small company made big change happen

Earlier in the year I had the chance to present alongside a host of inspiring speakers at the Like Minds conference in Exeter. The video below is the recording taken during my talk, along with the original description posted on the Like Minds site: read more →

Facebook: Why marketers need to get real!

One of the most common questions I get asked when presenting on the subject of Social Media is “What will be the next big thing?”, it was a version of this question, ““What’s going to be the next Facebook?” that formed the introduction to an article posted last week by blogger, Mark Schaefer, in a post entitled,.. read more →

Why Facebook or Twitter should be the last thing on your mind

Organisations regularly come to me for advice on setting up or maintaining a presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter; however, when it comes down to it, I always explain it should be the last thing on their mind. read more →